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FLCA Knights

We are super excited to join the blogosphere and use this resource as an avenue to educate and inspire our school family and community. A few years ago God gave us a dream about a school that was family focused, distinctively Christian, uniquely hands on, and training up leaders in a classical learning environment. In August 2014 this dream became a reality as a small remnant of families, teachers, and prayer warriors stepped out on faith and started Faith Leadership Christian Academy in Baytown, Texas.

As the Knights, we stand on 7 basic principles: Know God, Never Stop Learning, Integrity, Goals, Honor, Teamwork, and Service. We strive to embed our principles in every aspect of our academic teaching to ensure a culture of holistic learning and development. This school year has been a dream come true as we have watched God spark a desire and love in our students for learning and to know God. Watching our students get excited about the Crystal Palace, inertia, flight, World War I, and so many other topics we are learning about has brought so much joy to our teachers, parents, and community members. Most importantly, we are watching our students grow in godly principles that will make them influential leaders in our world.

The mission of Faith Leadership Christian Academy is to partner with Christian parents in the training and education of their children in order to build the faith of each student, prepare them to defend their faith, establish a God-centered worldview while developing their leadership skills so that they are equipped to impact the future for Christ. And by God’s grace this will be our legacy as our students faithfully serve God to the ends of the earth in various fields of work because WE ARE KNIGHTS!


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