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We are Family!

Last week we had our final FLCA Family Night for this school year, and we had a great time! Our students are very involved with the daily routine of our school, so the night started off with our students carrying out their school jobs. We had some awesome greeters at the door, greeting our families by welcoming them, shaking their hands and opening the door for them. Our student Tech Guy was busy getting our Power Points and music cued up, and our other students were preparing for their responsibilities for the night. We began with our typical morning routine which involves, pledges, prayer, worship, KNIGHT training, and scripture reading; all of which are lead by our students, the vast majority being in Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

As we watched our students carrying out these responsibilities, just as they do everyday, we were overwhelmed with gratitude of what God has done in and through our school this year. There has been testimony after testimony of how each child and family has been impacted by our school, and as teachers we can only give all the credit to God. It’s only by His grace that we have had any kind of influence on our students. After our demonstration, a video presentation of “A Day in the Life of an FLCA Student”, we spoke about our school’s focus on teaching the Bible and incorporating godly principles in everything that we teach. Then we shared how as a school we emphasize leadership through character and service, several of our “shy and timid” students are already blossoming into dynamic leaders.

After our presentation, we all gathered for a time to eat and fellowship. Parents, grandparents, teachers, and students talked, laughed, shared stories, planned for future activities, and ate like a family. This is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ, and we all left with a full belly and a full heart. This is God’s school and every good thing that we can say about our school is boldly outlined by God’s grace, and as teachers we are humbled and grateful to be part of what He is doing through FLCA. In many ways we could say this year we have been “the little school that could”, but perhaps the better description would be that FLCA is “the little school that God is using to raise up godly Knights...leaders to change the world!”

Here is a snapshot of "A Day in the Life of a FLCA Knight". . .enjoy!

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