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Faith Leadership Christian Academy is now accepting applications for the upcoming school year.  Students must be 5 years of age by Sept. 1st to enter Kindergarten.

The process for admission into Faith Leadership Christian Academy is as follows:


1. Complete the Application Packet.  Please be sure to print a separate Student Application page for each child that is applying for enrollment (this is page 5 of the application).  Please feel free to use the back of the form if you need additional space to answer questions.


2. Return completed application to the school office by mail to:

Faith Leadership Christian Academy

8610 Fisher Road Baytown, TX 77523

OR call the school office at 281-573-3642 to set up an appointment for a Family Interview (at which time you will submit your Application Packet).


3.  Family Interview: This interview is for the purpose of discussing the compatibility of the family's goals with the school's methods and philosophy. The student(s) and both parents are required to be in attendance. During this time testing may be administered to the student to determine kindergarten readiness (for K5) or placement testing (for Grades 1-12). Please bring any academic records (report cards, standardized testing scores, etc.) that would be helpful in determining the placement level as well as identifying the academic strengths and weaknesses of your child. No fees are due at this time.


4. After administration has had sufficient time to prayerfully consider your application/interview information you will be notified of your acceptance status well as contact your pastor for verification of attendance and recommendation.


5. Upon acceptance you will receive an Enrollment Packet. You will then need to complete and return all required enrollment forms and fees in order to secure your child's spot in the classroom. Class seats are filled in the order that enrollment packets are received.


6. Prepare for the coming school year by purchasing required supplies and uniforms. Submit first month's tuition payment (or full tuition if desired) by first day of school.

Download Application
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